Our Work

Optimizing End-to-End Workflow: From Order Processing to Invoicing

One client sought a refined system to eradicate redundancies, minimise paperwork, and effectively supervise the entire workflow, from initial order to final invoice. We devised a solution that covered all the workflow and seamlessly integrated with applications such as Sage, QuarkXPress, Word, and Excel.

Seamless Data Integration for Nautical Navigation

A recent project prompted the development of a bespoke solution, enabling the incorporation of formatted text from FileMaker to a satellite navigation system for use in boat navigation.

Real-time Dissemination of Data from FileMaker to Web Platforms

Using FileMaker’s capability to synchronize live data with web interfaces, including its native WebDirect system, we successfully implemented the live publication of our client’s FileMaker data to their website, utilizing both PHP and WebDirect technologies.

Comprehensive Contact Management and Diary Solution

In response to a request from a complementary health chain, we engineered a comprehensive solution encompassing CRM functionalities, treatment record management, invoicing history, and day-to-day diary function, leveraging the robust capabilities of FileMaker.

Biotech Protocol Compliance and Experiment Oversight

Commissioned by a prominent biotechnology organization, we were tasked with developing a system that rigorously monitors the day-to-day operations of bio experiments, ensuring steadfast adherence to health and safety protocols.

Integrated Waste Management Solution

Engaged by Wheatley Associates, we were entrusted with creating a system to govern the daily operations of a skip company. This encompassed CRM, invoicing, financial reporting, and driver scheduling, including driver route optimisation.