• Wheatley Associates create powerful and accessible database solutions for companies all over the UK, with first class on-going support.


Filemaker Development

Our FileMaker experts understand how vital it is that system-critical functions run at optimum levels at all times. Wheatley Associates offer a range of support packages to give you essential access to the highest levels of technical know-how when you need it most. Our holistic approach to support is guaranteed to get you back up and running, and ensure you stay there!

Filemaker Training

Powerful and accessible, Filemaker Pro is the database platform of choice for thousands of companies. No matter what the size or complexity of your project, with our tailored training, you can achieve great results without having to be a programmer or a database expert. Our intense training is tailored to your specific needs, drawing on our years of experience as developers.

Filemaker Support & Consultancy

Wheatley Associates have been creating and supporting powerful and accessible database solutions for companies all over the UK. Our projects range from simple-to-use, effective stand-alone solutions to sophisticated workflow systems, and our service is backed by experienced FileMaker support and a training team capable of delivering expert tailored guidance.

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If you have a requirement, whether it’s a seed of an idea or need a full operation solution, then call or email us with a brief outline. We are always happy to arrange a visit to get an overview of the project and discuss and advise.


Once the details of the requirement are finalised, we will create a draft proposal for going forward. When you have approved the draft, we will finish and present you the full document which will include a project timeline and a breakdown of costs to ensure you can stay within your budget.


During the mobilisation of the project, regular progress milestone meetings are established to ensure that all aspects of the requirement are on track. Milestone meetings provide invaluable opportunities to iron out any issues arising, identifying changes that you may have identified and clarify training needs analysis if not established in step two.


Desktop Database Development

Mobile Database Development

Web Database Development


Product Building and Realisation

Support, Consultancy & Training

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