Claris FileMaker is an intuitively database platform developed by Apple. It empowers users to construct applications tailored to address current and future business needs. FileMaker is not limited to developers; its accessibility extends to all users.

For over two decades, Wheatley Associates has been dedicated to helping businesses harness the capabilities of this robust tool, consistently delivering substantial returns on a modest initial investment. Our expertise spans a diverse range of industries, creating a diverse range of products from straightforward contact databases to implementing comprehensive workflow solutions.

About Wheatley Associates

“Wheatley Associates developed a complete system for our company, from order to invoice. They are professional and communicate in a way that suits us.”

Sue – Courts Advertising

“We were already quite a way into our FileMaker system, Wheatley Associates where able to understand what we wanted and helped us get these quickly and effectively.”

Mark – D2D

“We were complete novices when Wheatley Associates came in. After some development and excellent training, we have been able to make full use of this amazing application.”

Rob – AGM