Health clinic data management, CRM and diary

Wheatley Associates were approached by a complimentary health clinic to provide a solution to maintain CRM functions; treatment notes; invoicing histories, not to mention the all-important day-to-day appointment diary. We created a comprehensive solution using FileMaker. This system was so successful, we’ve been able to roll it out to other clinics with minimum adaptations.

Publish FileMaker database on the web

Our client required the ability to publish information on a web site using live FileMaker data. FileMaker offers the power and versatility to make publishing to the web easy, especially with the latest technology, Web Direct. We have used both Web Direct, PHP and integration with SQL to use live FileMaker data for a number of web sites.

Workflow – from order to invoice

Our client needed a seamless system which would eliminate duplication; minimise paperwork and track workflow from order to invoice. We designed a system that would do all this and integrate with other required applications, for example: Sage; Quark, InDesign, Word and Excel.