filemaker developers & professional support

It's been our mission since 1999 to help our clients optimise the technology available to them, ensuring specifically tailored solutions, and ensuring they achieve high levels of return on investment.
We pride ourselves on our tried and tested expertise, and a commitment to excellence in every aspect of our services. Founded by Richard Wheatley, in 1999, Wheatley Associates is based in Cambridgeshire, the heart of UK technology.

Our Services

    • Desktop database development - creating powerful, bespoke, relevant functionality for each individual business
    • Mobile database development - tired of adapting your working practice to match existing applications - why not design your own, tailored to your own needs?
    • Web database development - update your web-pages fast, negating the need for costly multiplication of effort
    • Co-development - got an idea of a project, but need our expertise to realise your goals? Talk to us today
    • Product building and realisation - know what you need, but aren't sure to go about it? Talk to us today to discuss your needs.
    • Support and consultancy - Do you have your systems, but are tired of hard to access call centres, or your system works for you but resembles something from Frankenstein's deskspace? Give us a call and let us explain how we can help you.
    • Training - overwhelmed by the Filemaker learning curve? Let us cut through the confusion and help you optimise your software.